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Helen’s Life Lessons

flowers-1-31February 28, 2009 – These words are  from Helen’s presentation during her induction into the Quilter’s Hall of  Fame, July 2008.   We thought you might enjoy them.

These are the life lessons you  and quilting have taught me:

Love your craft.  Be proud of tiny stitches.  Respect tradition.  But learn something new, try something hard, make a new tradition.  Then pass it on the next generation.

See things with different eyes.  Look for the small treasures.   Find the happiness and solace in your work.

Share your passion. Quilt with a friend, or friends, or many friends.  Be generous  with your time, your advice, your praise, your ideas, your fabric.   There is joy in giving something from your heart.  It comes back to you many-fold.

The quilt your are working on is never your last quilt.   But some projects seem to go on forever.  Know when enough is enough.  Don’t obsess over the stuff that doesn’t matter.

Tell your story.  Embellish it a little. 

Always Have fun.   And keep the magic in your life.

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