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Wish You Were Here – Postcards From Near and Far

As I have traveled the world, I have collected postcards in a quiltmakers fashion, with fabric and stitches. Each of these 35×50 “postcard quilts” is a memory of a place I have visited. Twenty-four in all, from Holland to New Zealand to Canada to Florida and more. Perhaps you will recognize a favorite place of yours in these images.Click Here and Scroll Down To See (1-8)
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16 – Florida

Florida Postcard Quilt

January, 2000 – Florida – New Years was welcomed with fireworks at this well-known spot in Florida. The quilting swirls among the stars.

15 – France

France Postcard Quilt

September, 1999 – France – This cafe is found in the town Yvoire. In the background you can see the ancient town wall. The first, and most useless phrase that is taught to a beginning French student in America is about “my aunt” and “her pen which is on the table.” Notice that the “aunt” on this quilt has a pen on the table in front of her.


14 – Switzerland

Switzerland Postcard Quilt

September, 1999 – Switzerland – The houses in the Swiss Alps are lavishly trimmed in red geraniums. Behind, in the flawless, crystal mountain air, the sun breaks into a star pattern. The corners are trimmed with Edelweiss, that delicate flower that blooms in the high mountains in early spring.


13 – Ireland

Ireland Postcard Quilt

November, 1984 – Ireland – The streets of Dublin are lined with Georgian homes, each with it’s bright colored door and brass knocker. The basement kitchen area at the front of each home, is fenced with ornamental iron. You can see the park across the street, that private, outdoor green space that gives relief in an area where buildings come down to the edges of the sidewalks. At the top, quilted smoke curls from the chimney pots.


12 – Wales

Wales Postcard Quilt

May, 1998 – Wales – In the Church of All Saints’ in the little town of Gresford in Wales, you can find three of the strange, pagan faces of The Green Man that were carved there by ancient church builders. The face that is framed in the leaves at the top of this quilt can found carved into the pedestal in The Lady’s Chapel. Dark, ancient yew trees surround church.


11 – Mexico

Mexico Postcard Quilt

January, 1989 – Mexico – The Yucatan Peninsula shelters wondrous Mayan ruins. This pyramid stands with the sea at its back. On the steps is the ghost of a Mayan priest. The Mayan Sun God warms the scene.

10 – Maryland

Maryland Postcard Quilt

October, 1998 – Maryland – This Victorian home stands on the banks of a tide water river off the Chesapeake Bay. In front, in the salty water, sails a Log Canoe, indigenous to the area. The sky is sparkling blue, but the constant, fresh wind makes quilted ripples in the air.

9 – Minneapolis

Minneapolis Postcard Quilt

October, 1998 – Minneapolis – The quilt-maker’s own house is framed against the background of the Ruby McKim Little Houses. The rose-colored, oblong shapes around the border are the identical shape and size of the doors used to begin all of the buildings in this series of quilts.