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Helen Kelley Patchworks

Quiltmaker, Teacher, Lecturer, Designer, Author, Judge

From Helen’s Family…

By now you might know that we lost Helen on Monday, September 1.

She will be deeply missed. It is difficult to find words to put to this occasion; she would have done that for us. Over the next weeks, we will sort through the scraps and threads of her notes to share any wisdom or smiles that she left. For now, I think this is what she would say:

Helen will miss us as much as we will miss her. But, she is off on a grand new adventure. She loved an adventure. It was a chance to meet friends, imagine new quilts, and, always, the start of another good story to bring back to us.

Thank you all for your kindness and support. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us on Helen’s guestbook , her email , or with her obituary guestbook . We (and she) would be pleased and honored to hear from you.

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